About us

Supporting the transition to junior Kindergarden

We provide our students with all the skills they will need for a successful transition to junior Kindergarden

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

Circle Time

Circle time provides children the opportunity to directly interact with their educators in a safe and inclusive place. The students are encouraged to participate in stories and share what they are thinking.

The Basics

We provide our students with daily exercises and teacher led activities to develop basic educational skills such as Math, problem solving, listening and social time

Learning Stations

The students are encouraged to roam to our various learning stations located around the classroom. The stations are geared to learn different life and education skills.

Table Time

The children have daily table time for various activities where they get to work collaboratively with their peers on building projects, arts and crafts and other challenges to help develop skills


We encourage all of our parent members to provide nutritious lunch options and variety of foods to help children explore different foods and develop their taste and curiosity

Outdoor Play

We have daily outdoor play in our very own playgroung where the children are free to explore in a safe and enclosed area. They are provide with various toys and a play structure to climb jump and slide